Some making of and behind the scenes of a great shoot with Laura.

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Legs, legs, legs.

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Easy like Sunday afternoon.

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Polderwind signage

A quick visit to round up the indoor and outdoor signage for the Polderwind Hotel.



Occasionally someone asks me to see a ‘before’ version of one of my pictures. Below is an example of a ‘before and after’. Simple retouches like this usually take about 10 to 15 minutes.

Quick and dirty Polaroids

Below are a few of the fake polaroids I made recently. I’m about to use them as props for a shoot. I had Poladroid make some fake digital pola’s out of the unedited pictures from a shoot with Wendy and Stefanie.

Making of… euhm…

I should really be spending more time in updating this blog, but for now just enjoy these silly pictures of Jessica, Noelia en myself during a fun afternoon.

Videoshoot Pearle, day 1



Just finished a 14 hour day of production. Things went really well, considering we had to coach 8 guys into doing different types of activities in perfect harmony in a moist and hot locker room…

Shoot with Roos

Here are a few pictures of me and Roos this weekend. It was a great sunday afternoon. The result will be up soon. Cheers go out to my cuz’ A.B. for ‘the making of’ photos and video.

Ford Fiesta Cool

Some ‘making of’ pictures during the shoot for ‘The Sauna Guy’. A viral campaign for Ford.