Steamy Room

This week went live.

Below are the pictures I took for the e-cards of the campaign.



Videoshoot Pearle, day 1



Just finished a 14 hour day of production. Things went really well, considering we had to coach 8 guys into doing different types of activities in perfect harmony in a moist and hot locker room…

Shopping for green


We were in a rush to find a good green key studio. Eventually found one less than 5 minutes from the TPL offices. Sometimes life can be so simple.

TPL @ New Message

Today we hooked up with the people from New Message in Amsterdam to finetune the flow of the Red Fruit game and videoshoot next week.

Pearle Rockers

pearl rockers

Making of picture: Pearle shoot with The Movie Lot for LDV.
A fun day for me, but not for the four headbanging rockers who gave all they had to make this shoot the best it could be. A headache as a reward. Respect guys!

Ford Fiesta Cool

Some ‘making of’ pictures during the shoot for ‘The Sauna Guy’. A viral campaign for Ford.