Blogger Wanted

This is your chance to win a snowboard trip with PRO riders from Belgium and The Netherlands in Austria. Register on Blogger Wanted and become a VIP blogger for Sony and blog about the event. In addition you will win a brandnew Sony VAIO and a Sony bloggie HD-camera.

Superwise Me

Last night I got back from Sevilla where I had the chance to get a glimpse of the Wisdom 9-9-9 project: Superwise Me. After the jump are some snapshots of the 48hour adventure.


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Inside Ad

Now, where did I see that article again, let me look for it…

Woot woot for photoshop. With just one cupboard and a couple of dozen magazines, we ended up with this. An ad for ‘Inside’ magazine to promote the use of their online archive search.

Talent: Mathijs. Photoshop work: Jean. CameraButtonPusher: Me


Large Martin

This morning Large Martin found his way to our offices.



London Business School has asked my company to present ourself for some future online projects. A great prospect. Afterwards we got to enjoy the city and the lovely weather.





free wifi to the resque

So what do you do when your ISP is down for the gazillionth time? You go out and find a free wifi spot and get the job done.

Steamy Room

This week went live.

Below are the pictures I took for the e-cards of the campaign.



Videoshoot Pearle, day 1



Just finished a 14 hour day of production. Things went really well, considering we had to coach 8 guys into doing different types of activities in perfect harmony in a moist and hot locker room…




3 day trip to berlin with The Parking Lot.

Airports, Burger King, Kings Of Leon, Talking German, 900+ pictures, Buying stuff, Lack of sleep and much more.

Mayhem like it should be.

TPL @ New Message

Today we hooked up with the people from New Message in Amsterdam to finetune the flow of the Red Fruit game and videoshoot next week.

The Parking Lot, portfolio book: The Works, part 2

The second portfolio book from The Parking Lot. Yes, a real book. I know, it’s hot.


Ford Fiesta Cool

Some ‘making of’ pictures during the shoot for ‘The Sauna Guy’. A viral campaign for Ford.