Blogger Wanted

This is your chance to win a snowboard trip with PRO riders from Belgium and The Netherlands in Austria. Register on Blogger Wanted and become a VIP blogger for Sony and blog about the event. In addition you will win a brandnew Sony VAIO and a Sony bloggie HD-camera.

Superwise Me

Last night I got back from Sevilla where I had the chance to get a glimpse of the Wisdom 9-9-9 project: Superwise Me. After the jump are some snapshots of the 48hour adventure.


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Inside Ad

Now, where did I see that article again, let me look for it…

Woot woot for photoshop. With just one cupboard and a couple of dozen magazines, we ended up with this. An ad for ‘Inside’ magazine to promote the use of their online archive search.

Talent: Mathijs. Photoshop work: Jean. CameraButtonPusher: Me


Large Martin

This morning Large Martin found his way to our offices.